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Re: B5 Repackaged DVDs

Originally Posted by Markas View Post
Thanks for the recommendation on sleeve replacements, KoshN. I haven't transported my sets for some time as I haven't loaned them out for ages.
I wouldn't transport the B5 DVDs in the original OEM packaging unless I put a piece of 1/2"~3/4" wide masking tape across each hub and about 1/2" onto the discs themselves, to ensure they didn't pop off of the hubs and get scratched in transit. Then I'd take the tape off when I got where I was going, and put the sets up on a shelf, vertically, like a book. Those friction-fit, hard plastic OEM hubs are horrible.

The softer plastic and better hubs of the cases I recommended are infinitely better than the original OEM packaging. So far, my sets have survived over 50,000 road miles without any mishaps. I have all of my B5 sets in a 14"wide x 7" deep x "10" tall L. L. Bean canvas and leather bag (which I used to use for my 35mm camera filters and monster SunPak Auto 522 flash). The bag's fallen off of the van seat to the floor, several times, landed upside-down, and nothing's ever come loose.

Originally Posted by Markas View Post
I have cracked season 1 open as the spouse has...after 15 years of browbeating...agreed to start watching the series.
At last, success!
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