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Re: B5 Repackaged DVDs

Originally Posted by dencor View Post
Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Hmm, Markas mentions Season 2, and you mention 2 thru 5. Didn't they come out with Season 1 in slimline?

Also, just curious, are they in a single 6-disc multicase, or three 2-disc slimline cases?
Season 1 is also available KoshN. I will probably get that set tomorrow. I just waited on buying season 1 as it is my least favorite. And it is the single 6 disc multicase, which I like much better than what we had with the firefly set.
Both the single 6 disc multicase packaging and the Firefly (1 disc/slimcase) packaging are far, far superior to the original B5 Season Set and Movie Set packaging.

Originally Posted by Markas View Post
Thanks for the info. I have all of the sets as released so I won't be replacing mine. I don't buy a lot of DVDs so I have no worries about storage yet.
Don't transport your B5 Season Sets and Movie Set in the original packaging. That's asking for trouble. Instead use these:
Nexpak VERSApak 6 Disc DVD Case - for the B5 Season Sets
Nexpak VERSApak 5 Disc DVD Case - for the Movie Set.

I travel with my complete B5, Crusade and Brimstone DVD collections, and none of my discs have ever come loose or been scratched. Those cases work. The original B5 Season Set and Movie Set OEM cases are a nightmare.

p.s. Only my Crusade discs are in their original packaging, which holds the discs very well (maybe too well). I have my B5 Season Sets, Movie Set, and my Brimstone homemade discs in Nexpak VERSApaks.
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