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Re: B5 Repackaged DVDs

Originally Posted by Markas View Post
I got a notification from Amazon that they are offering a repackaged B5 S2 that seems to have been released in 2009. I have not heard about that (or missed it in this forum if it was posted) so I was curious what it was all about.
I already have seasons 2-5 in the new slim cases Markas. They have been available at the local Sam's Club here in El Paso, Texas for a couple months now. They are priced at $ 19.99 each. So a big savings over Amazon. The only thing new is that on the backside of the cover they have included a pic of the ships from B5 and the booklets are included as well.

KoshN is correct in saying everything else is the same as far as quality. Still just as bad as the previous boxsets which was dissapointing. It looks like this is the best we can hope for B5 when it comes to Warner Brothers.
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