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Re: RIP David Carradine

I just read that the Thai officer in charge of the investigation said he would welcome the FBI's help in solving the mystery. A few other tidbits: Mark Geragos, the famous attorney, is Keith Carradine's attorney, and is looking into this for him. Last night on Larry King, Geragos said that the Thai police have put out 5 or 6 different stories, and that the hotel was reluctant, that is slow, to turn over the surveillance tape to the police. Now that they have it, the police say it looks like no one else was in the room with him. Obviously, the FBI needs to do some major forensic work on that tape, to make sure nothing was deleted. I also wonder what sort of condition the ropes/knots that bound Carradine are in, and if they took good pictures of them, before removing them from the body.

Addendum: It seems that they did take pictures before removing the body, and at least one was leaked to the press, and has been published . Carradine's family promise legal action against anyone publishing the picture.

Also, the IMDb lists six David Carradine films in post-production. So, I guess we'll see him again...
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