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Re: RIP David Carradine

I think suicide is terribly tragic. There's a soul that's hurting. I knew a guy in undergrad who was a brilliant writer and on his way to really doing some great things.

He struggled with depression for a long time. His insurance ran out after graduating and made too much to qualify for medicaid (the limit in Denver was $800/month.) He couldn't afford his meds and was having a very difficult time finding a therapist to take him on a sliding scale that he could afford.

He jumped off a 6 story building 3 weeks later. To me, that's not only tragic that he had to live with such a crappy condition, but the system failed him as well.

Now, I will say that I have no empathy for people who "cry wolf" and threaten suicide for attention, or as emotional blackmail (i.e. omg, don't break up, I'll kill myself!) But, I do empathize. If Caradine really did commit suicide, then I can only conclude that he was in a terribly dark place, so dark that he saw no other alternative.
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