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Re: RIP Patrick McGoohan

I'm sure that'll comfort him a lot, Chilli. (He won, yea. )

I suspect there is no real "specific meaning" for the ending. It was more like interpretive dance or theater: impressions meant to bring about emotions in the audience, and thoughts, but not necessarily individual point-by-point logical meanings.

The very last shot in the series is one of the most memorable endings to a show, though, and I'd say the meaning of that (figuratively or literally) came across as clear as a bell.

And I love the premise. Wasn't he at a party, or something, when someone asked him "so where do secret agents go when they retire?" He had the beginning and the end clearly in mind, and made up the middle later, I would guess.

And all the bit parts he played: he always gave a sense of class and gravitas to anything he appeared in that I've ever seen. He had the mature version of "it" for movie and t.v. audiences.
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