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Re: Thoughts on the Great Eye

What stands out for me on the show was that the "eye" is very obviously influenced by the eye of Sauron from LOTR. Ivanova encountering it whilst using the great machine especially seems very similar to Frodo at the seat of seeing on Amon Hen.

It doesn't ever seem entirely clear what it is on the show though, you could take it to represent some kind of collective will of the shadows and indeed the way it speaks to people with the voice of there fathers like the Vorlons seemed to hint at little at that.

Has JMS ever commented on whether he had any plans for it? you could argue Za,Ha,Dum being destroyed quite quickly after the end of the war might have been a product of the show being slimmed down to 4 seasons? I could potentially see it working with the Drakh story basically choosing them to carry on the Shadows work.

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