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Thoughts on the Great Eye

We saw the Great Eye of Z'ha'dum only twice in the series. We saw much more of it in the Technomage novel trilogy. It is a vast, advanced and powerful machine which had tendrils throughout Z'ha'dum, and access to all its sensors, energies and resources. Basically it is like a mega version of the places of power the Technomages themselves set up on planets and moons. It serves as both planetary defense system for the Shadows' homeworld, and command and control system for their warships operating across the galaxy. Captain Sheridan's nuclear attack on Z'ha'dum's primary city disabled the Eye, but it was back in operation in just two episodes, for 'The Hour of the Wolf.' And this time, it exhibited telepathic abilities, speaking to everyone aboard the White Star 2 in the voice of their father, and entrancing them into surrender. The Great Eye appears to be the opposite number of the Great Machine, but much more ancient and far more powerful.

In the books, Galen the Technomage is present during Sheridan's attack. He has been let through to Z'ha'dum by the Great Eye, because he has been chosen to replace Weirden, the legendary Technomage leader who was enslaved by the Shadows a thousand years ago and has been living as a prisoner in the heart of the Great Eye ever since. The system requires an extraordinary being to serve as its central operator/slave. While Draal described being in the heart of the Great Machine as a wonder, Weirden's existence has been nightmarish. She has been trapped within, surrounded by the writhing bodies of Shadow thralls, is that out of Dante's Inferno? She has been forced to direct Shadow vessels to commit terrible acts of mass murder and genocide, conscious but not in control. Galen met with Weirden before she died, and saw numerous Drakh working there as guards. We know that at least three humans lived on Z'ha'dum, Morden, Justin and Anna, working for the Shadows in different capacities and circumstances. But there were more, including a psychotic P-12 telepath lent to the Shadows by Psi Corps, probably during the operation that Sheridan and Bester disrupted in 'Ship of Tears.' She was probably the one installed in the heart of the Great Eye after Weirden. Because Sheridan vaporized the city, Galen was able to escape before he could be enslaved.

And then the final Shadow War ended, and Z'ha'dum exploded. The Great Eye was part of the planet and thus was destroyed, everyone knows that. Except that Sheridan and Delenn saw a mysterious fleet of unidentified ships (the only time this happens in our story and is never resolved) evacuating the planet before it exploded, carrying whoever was living there and escaped, and whatever they took with them. We know that Earth got its hands on Shadow warship tech, which has been used to create the less-than-controllable hybrid destroyers seen in Crusade. And the Drakh have the terrible nanotech virus which was unleashed against Earth in 'A Call to Arms.' The Eye would be perhaps the most terrible remaining Shadow weapon, and it would hold the key to controlling the first two. Pieces of it may have been carried away by those remaining on Z'ha'dum after the Shadows departed the galaxy, for the purpose of restarting the great system elsewhere and establishing a new power base.

But where would it be installed? And would these components have been carried away by the Drakh... or by Earth?

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