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Re: Remastering Season 1

Ok, here's S01E01

Would appreciate some feedback before I post the rest.
  • Its 1.5gb for the episode for a 1080p. Although its a MKV, I chose not to compress it, because with compression comes downgrade in quality, so thought I would leave that to you, each user, if they want to compress themselves or not. (use handbrake or something similar)

    You may notice every now and again that the might be a few bits on someone's face that didn't quite clear up, mainly because the original footage just doesn't have enough detail in it to recover.
    The same may apply to small faces in the distance, where there isn't enough detail in the original to reconstruct the face.
    Please remember that the whole cast is plastered with makeup, some more than others. Example: Lando in some of the scenes they coated him with makeup powder as if they dunked him in it, making him look plastic before I enhanced it.
    Removed all the horrible grain that was across the whole footage
    I tried to make it so they weren't too smoothed and plastic looking, so added a little bit of imperfection back in, which was suggested by someone here
    It will never look like a Bluray 4k copy unless they find and recapture all the original film footage from the cameras, so this is the best we can work with.

As always, these are always better viewed on a TV or mobile device. You can watch it on a PC monitor, but just be aware that Monitors are not very forgiving with pixels. Either way its better than what we have so far (I hope)

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