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Re: NEW Babylon 5 Series

I have many reservations.

How do you replace that cast? How can you have Delenn or G'Kar without the unparalleled people that played them?

I thought JMS has told the story that he wanted to tell, I don't understand reopening it.

I have reservations about the CW. I guess it makes sense that WB has the rights to B5 so CW is their network (I assume that's still the case). CW was formed because even a big franchise like Star Trek couldn't keep UPN afloat. CW is also teen drama through and through. I don't see sci-fi being their natural fit.

Then there's the history. Didn't he say no more as WB kept dilly dallying about further straight to DVD movies? Will they have the patience to do another five year show? They haven't even bothered to Blu-ray edition it, yet they suddenly have faith in the franchise for a new iteration?
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