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Re: EpDis: Strange Relations

Ah, the telepaths have started singing ..... I truly dislike that bit. But, I have to say, overall, I kinda like this episode. I actually like the telepath storyline at this point, even with Byron being all Byron-ish. I can't stand how he's so "I'm so very erudite", kind of talking down to people. He's so annoying to Lyta with his ridiculously elaborate "parable" answers to questions. I guess she's used to not getting a straight answer, what with having worked for the Vorlons. Despite the fact that it takes place during the singing, I do like the scene where Lyta takes off her psi corps badge.

Bester is always entertaining. His bloodhound unit looks appropriately creepy, too.

Lochley punching Garibaldi is pretty entertaining, although I had grown tired of their antagonistic relationship before this episode.

I will never be a fan of the "Oh yea, we used to be married" thing, and how apparently that's a big secret. Someone must know, even if we assume marriage records aren't public on Earth. Surely someone at ISN would have found out. Also, Garibaldi's "How many wives does he have??" sums it up pretty well. The Anna character fit well into the story, but this first marriage seems sort of invented on the spot to give Sheridan a reason to be able to trust this person who was on the opposite side in the war. I'm not really buying it, either. I wouldn't just automatically trust someone I was married to for 3 months, something like 20 years before. If they didn't know each other well enough to realize they were a terrible match, how can they know each other well enough to really be sure they can trust each other? Also I felt this was a silly reveal that was dragged out WAY too long.

Lochley's job is very thankless, both the character and the actress. The character has to navigate this situation as a new person in an environment where everyone knows each other, and feels loyal to each other. The actress has to make us get over the loss of Ivanova. Obviously that was never going to work. Thankless. Anyway, I don't LOVE her, I don't hate her. She's alright ... Could have done without her being Sheridan's first wife.

I'm a fan of the Londo/G'Kar storyline, but that pretty much goes without saying.
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