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Re: The Dresden Files

Originally Posted by KoshN View Post
Harry (to Thomas): "Hey. Why did you get Large Breed Puppy Chow?"
Yeah... it gets BIG.

In Proven Guilty Charity Carpenter says, "He looks something like a Caucasian." & then adds... "It's a dog bred in the Soviet Union in the Caucasus Mountains for use in secured military installations. It's one of the only breeds that grow so large. But they tend to be a great deal more aggressive than your dog."

It's weird because I went looking for that and turned right to the page. Found it without really looking.

According to Elaine in White Knight Temple Dogs are very rare. He basically got the real version of one of those stone dogs that smelled the blood on his hand in book 4. They're incredibly loyal to their masters and they have magical powers of their own.

In the Thomas spin off book he says Mouse can understand human speech.

I'm getting the feeling that him and Morgan are gonna become friends in the new book. The Merlin is the guy who's coming down on Harry the most. Morgan tried to provoke him on the Merlin's behalf.
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