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Re: The Dresden Files

Ohh... I took enough time to enjoy them. If I read something I like sometimes I read the page over & over before moving on & since I'm done now I can always go backand re-read certain spots. I've moved on to the Codex Alera books & I'm starting to think that I don't like them. Guess I should of just bought the first book & went from there.

I'm hoping that Ebenezer eventually retires and Dresden becomes the next Blackstaff. He could go up against the Merlin all he wants then.

Kincaid says something about how Mavra wouldn't go down that easy. I think it was Kincaid.


Dresden does hook up with somebody...

You haven't got to the part where Harry gets a new job offer.

Thomas finds a way to cheat the vampire system.

& Harry gets an apprentice.
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