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Re: EpDis: Mind War

Originally Posted by Wulf View Post

The scan was a little over dramatic. Two P12s shouldn't need the whole hand waving thing to violate the mind of a P5 on any level. I get that it shows something is going on instead of just staring intently, but it came off as some sort of "ooga booga" witch doctor flash.
I didn't comment on this, but I agree.


>Teeks are 1,000,000 to 1
That means with the current world population there'd be about 7,000 telekinetics. 3,500 sane ones. Assuming the Corps is any good at tracking them down, that seems like more than enough to already have your band of traceless assassins.
I was wondering about this also. There'd be a handful of them in every major city. It doesn't seem THAT rare, yet telekinesis is never mentioned again on the show.
I think we're well beyond pastels now.
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