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Re: New To Babylon 5

Odd Symmetries

Season 3 Ep14&15, Bester and Londo both lose the loves of their lives to shadow agents, one in a deliberate act of malice the other in an act of indifference. Both ‘men’ shift alliances in response, Londo moves back into the darkness, Bester shifts toward the light. Later both reverse course after perceived or real realizations of betrayal and act to avenge themselves. Londo against Morden, Bester against Lyta/Garibaldi. Both have their revenge blow up in their faces. Bester creates an implacable, powerful enemy in Lyta after Byron’s death which when complemented by Garibaldi’s money and corporate power – in ways implied but not shown – leads to the destruction on PsiCorp and the PsiCops per Crusade. Londo’s action leads to the Drakh secret take-over of the Centauri government, an orbital bombardment of the capitol by the Drazi/Narn fleet and (in the Legions of Fire books) the detonation of a fusion bomb in the city.

I just noticed this and thought it strange. Never read the PsiCorp novels so I have no idea how Bester finally dies.
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