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Re: Jumped vs Pushed

Originally Posted by JohnGaunt3.0 View Post
Choices, consequences and responsibility are the underpinnings of B5, but - as the interrogator says - to claim you are not influenced by others is ridiculous. Many of the main characters chose to make the big decisions - they Jump, blindly sometimes but they make a decision to act. G'Kar gets Pushed in his pivotal moment, whether by his fathers ghost, a piece of Kosh, the ghosts of christmas, or by god/the cosmos I not certain, but the Push is definitely going on and it redirects his life. Does Lyta Jump or was she Pushed? Bester nails her hard with the reality that she's WITH the Army of Light but not OF it. Only Zack reaches out to her before she falls into darkness and that's personal interest and poorly done. I see her as a victim not a villain and "good guys" as responsible for that fall through the omission of acts of friendship and compassion.

Change my mind.
I don't think I ever saw Lyta as becoming a villain per se (though in Wheel of Fire she started acting like one), more that her aims and goals became unaligned with those of Sheridan etc. Sheridan was friendly with her until Epiphanies, after which he (perhaps rightly) didn't trust her. I think it's not just the fact she blew up Z'Ha'Dum that prompted this, but more so that she wouldn't fully own up to it afterwards and take responsibility - it was all "hypothetical" when she was trying to explain it to him. And somebody with that much power outside his chain of command, prone to acting upon her own impulses, was probably enough to put Sheridan on edge around her.

I really wish Claudia Christian had stayed for season 5, not just because Ivanova was ace, but I think her loss affected other characters too, Ivanova might have been one to try and reach out to Lyta after Byron's death, would she have helped Lyta or tried to stop her?

In terms of what was influencing Lyta, there were so many factors - feeling estranged from the command staff, love and mourning for Byron, and the elephant in the room, what the Vorlons did to her and what subconscious commands remained. The Vorlons were wary of telepaths, destroying Psi Corps might have been in their interests, particularly if it could stop the Shadows using them.

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