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Be a good little Mimbari??

The inquisitor tells Delenn to be be a good little mimbari and obey and conform, but that's not what mimbari do. The windswords disobey the council to attack Kosh and shield Deathwalker, Delenn disobeys the council for the chrysalis and sorta by reading the Eye on Mimbar section of the paper to find out what she's not being told. The Tragati disobeys the order to surrender and has to be getting support from someone to stay functioning after 10+ years in space. Lenier tells lies of omission and commission when convenient, and actively and inactively disobeys orders. Neroon sets up his caste leader for failure and embarrassment. The list goes on and on. The Vorlon think or imagine them an obedient and orderly "client" race (Yes, I see the show with a Cold War-raised mentality) and reflective of Vorlon ideals, but that's not who they really are, is it?

Just wondering if anyone else had noticed the dichotomy.
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