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Re: Two JMS books coming in 2021

Originally Posted by Jan View Post
JMS put out the information on his mainstream novel last night. Sounds *very* different from anything we've seen from him before!

Major news, everyone!

Iíve always believed in writing stories unlike anything Iíd written before, taking chances and pushing myself creatively. And the most significant culmination of that process is Together We Will Go, which has just landed for pre-orders.

Itís not SF, fantasy, or a graphic novel; itís a mainstream novel about a challenging subject written in epistolary style. I feel itís one of the best things Iíve written, and maybe one of the most important. If this was all that ended up on my epitaph, Iíd be okay with that. Itís that kind of book. Personal as hell.
Together We Will Go is a deeply personal love letter about characters who are beautiful and flawed, who got lost on the road only to find others willing to share their journey, however it may end. Itís quirky, funny, tragic, and most of all, optimistic at a time when that is in short supply.

The publisher describes it as ďThe Breakfast Club meets The Silver Linings Playbook in this powerful, provocative, and heartfelt novel about twelve endearing strangers who come together to make the most of their final days.Ē

The story is told through first-person accounts that reveal what brought our diverse characters together and why. We also see their texts, emails, journals and voicemails, creating the sense of looking over someoneís shoulder in real time as the story unfolds.

The novel will be given a full-court press by Simon and Schuster, one of the worldís largest and most respected publishers. I am particularly humbled by the fact that itís coming out from their Scout Press imprint, which is reserved for books they consider of significant literary importance.

Iím very proud of it, and the publisher is excited by what itís about, what it means, and where this all may go. Iíve had several career-defining moments in my life; this, I believe, is another. The plot description can be found at the site in terms better and clearer than can be done here.

I commend this book to you unreservedly. I would love nothing more than for the various groups who follow and support my work to spread the word about this so that we can bring the pre-orders to a level that would put it on the NY Times list the day it formally launches on 6 July.

As with much of my work, Together We Will Go is about hope, and love, and sacrifice; about the wonder and the glorious flaws of being human; itís about what we can mean to, and for, one another; and what we stand for when standing is the hardest. I love this book, and I believe you will as well.

So far I've only seen that folks can pre-order in the US and Germany. There *will* be an audio book and JMS describes it as almost an audio drama with multiple narrators voicing the twelve characters.
That does sound interesting, and a very different style and genre. Thanks a lot for sharing the information!
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