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Re: Two JMS books coming in 2021

Originally Posted by Jan View Post

So I'll go so far as to guess that it's not a romance.
Way to shatter my dreams Jan!!!!! .......

I so wish for a great JMS Mystery novel. Any sort of Detective, Police, Private, or other. And actually I would like to see it with as little Fantasy or Supernatural qualities as possible.

I think I've let it be known that I would LOVE to do a series that is just based on crime solving on B5, either Garibaldi or Zack or both at the helm. I lean more toward Zack because there is more room to expand over years of service. I know in the series (can't say about the books) we didn't get in depth looks into Zack investigative background, knowledge, or techniques so that could also be explored. Plus I can't think of one instance where we got Zack really going undercover, as Garibaldi did several times. Again I can't speak to the books because I am EXTREMELY LAZY when it comes to reading.
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