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Re: Question about Anna S.

Originally Posted by Alexa View Post
So, the Shadows had always used other races to control their ships? They were one of the 'First Ones', so what controlled their ships when they were a young race? If they can run their ships, why get other races to run them at all?
I don't doubt that the Shadows ran their own ships just fine, in the beginning. But, why perform a menial task, when they can adapt a 'lower' race to do it?

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
As to why use younger races... well, it seems like a pretty invasive/destructive process. (Justin says "once you're in one of those ships, you're never quite whole again"
I doubt that the process is so invasive and destructive, when a Shadow runs a ship. But, to adapt a younger race, probably many irreversible changes are necessary.

Plus there aren't a lot of Shadows left, I'm thinking, and as such they might prefer to put others on the front line, rather than go themselves.
This is also a consideration, I would agree.
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