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Re: Is Garibaldi responsible for the fall of Centauri Prime?

Originally Posted by vacantlook View Post
There was also a second Death Cloud that was destroyed thanks to the actions of Vir and a few techno-mages, if I remember the novels correctly; I don't remember if the Drakh's plans for that Death Cloud were revealed though.
Spoiler for Spoilers for A Call to Arms and Legions of Fire:
The second (of many) Death Clouds, and the Death Cloud and other Shadow Weapons (e.g. the Plague) Construction Facility (Xhadam) was destroyed by Vir and the Technomage Kane, and they were aided by the Technomages Gwynne and Finian, and the after their escape from Xhadam, the ~jumpgate~ to Xhadam was destroyed by Galen, using what was probably a perfected variant of his Spell of Destruction.

The Drakh had planned on using a Death Cloud on Minbar as well, but since that plan was foiled by Vir and the Technomages, they had only one weapon left to use on Minbar, the plague. and they only had enough for one planet. So, when the Death Cloud the Drakh brought to Earth was destroyed, the Drakh used the plague on Earth, and then they had nothing left for Minbar. See, the destruction of the Death Cloud and other Shadow Weapons (e.g. the Plague) Construction Facility (Xhadam) was a big, BIG thing. Kinda makes you understand why the Drakh destroyed the Victory Class Destroyer Construction Facility on their way out at the end of "A Call to Arms."
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