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Is Garibaldy responsible for the fall of Centaury Prime?

Hey how are ya? Haven't posted here in years...

I'm 3 episodes short of watching the entire Babylon 5 series for the third or fourth time, as it's been running on our action/scifi channel here in Israel.

I gotta say, even though when I first watched it I was 15, and now I'm just turning 25 - it hasn't lost its magic. However, some things now seem, how to say... Imperfect. Others even embarrassing to watch. Especially the fight scenes (human combat, not battleships) and a lot of the villain characters were as if drawn out of a comic book... I guess standards have changed in time.

So that's one thing for you to give your comment about.

Second thing is what I mentioned in the headline. Had Garibaldy not been drunk and been able to notify the White Stars that the Drazi and Narn forces are heading Centaury Prime, they might have been able to stop the attack. What would the Drakh have done then? Would that have saved Centaury Prime? Also, is Garibaldy aware of the big role he had in the fate of the Centauries?
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