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Re: EpDis: Thirdspace

It does a much better job than ItB of capturing the B5 spirit, and it's better at playing to B5's strengths (the characters and the effects), so I think it's the better movie (after watching it for the first time my brother decided it was the best instalment of B5 to that point).

As it doesn't impinge too much on the main story, I also think it's one of the best starting points for people new to B5. My only real complaint is that the filler material - that interminable scene with Zack and Lyta in the elevator, which was written during the production to fill the time, and all those staged fights in the Zocalo, weren't especially well integrated.

And at the end, when Sheridan sums up and says something like 'the main thing is everyone's okay,' his definition of 'everyone' doesn't seem to extend to all the maintenance techs, IPX employees, Starfury pilots and Whitestar crews we saw getting killed during the movie. Also I wish Netter Digital had spent more time doing effects for early season 5, and less doing post on Thirdspace, because I believe they were still working on it well into S5's production.

Otherwise it's great. A-
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