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Re: Does any tv series / book saga / movie saga achieve B5's plot structure?

I too love B5 for its commitment to one planned out arc – it allowed for one of the most epic and ambitious stories on television. But I’d also like to add a criticism to that praise. Because of its pre-planned nature, upon re-watching the series there are points where you feel that events aren’t happening organicly, but because the structure of the story needed them to.

The most obvious moments are when a actor left the show and a new character had to be created. Instead of being their own unique person, that charcter inherits the narrative burden of the previous character. For instance, it’s obvious Cahterine Sakai was set up to have the same fate as Sheridan’s wife. As it stands, were are left with foreshadowing in Sakai’s arc to events that eventually DID expire, but with the replacement character instead.

Again, this is only noticeble a second time around, but it is distracting and in some ways a disadvantage of creating a planned out arc: it can feel constructed instead of organic.

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