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Re: Possible 2018 San Diego Comic Con Panel

Thanks, Looney!

To add to the above, I've also applied for a panel at WorldCon in San Jose in August.

Re: the SDCC panel, they only say that they'll let you know IF you're approved, no later than three weeks out. I checked back to when I had the #FreeBabylon5 panel in 2014 and they let me know on June 3 when the con was July 24-27. Though I think there was a moratorium before we could talk about it publicly.

I'm also working on some give-aways for the cons. I've already got some dog tags/keychains similar to the ones I did for #FB5 and I'm considering some of those stretchy wristbands. We'll see. I'll have to get them approved by the con, too.
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