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Re: EpDis: A View From The Gallery

Yes, it's a big galaxy and we (the known "younger races" of the B5 universe) certainly don't know everything that there is in it ......... But ........

There is the question of where Babylon 5 (the station, not the show) is. The station is not anywhere near any of the frontiers of known and charted space, where you would expect to make the vast majority of first contacts. The station was specifically built in a location where it would in neutral territory between the major powers, where proximity wouldn't give one race or group of races and advantage in the diplomacy going on there (any more than could possibly be helped).

Therefore, a new race coming in should have had to have passed through the territory of at least one of the known spacefaring powers to get to B5. Doing so (or even getting close) unnoticed and unchallenged seems unlikely at best.

Now one might postulate that the new race might possibly have bypassed other populated areas (whether intentionally or accidentally) by using unknown (to the "known" races) and superior hyperspace navigation techniques / technology, thereby arriving at B5 without having been spotted in hyperspace by ship traffic that was sticking to the routes implied in following the established beacons. The various races of First Ones had certainly demonstrated that this was possible. The problem with that is that what we do see of this race's capabilities in this episode certainly does not seem to indicate they are significantly more advanced than, say, the Centauri or Minbari ... who do still rely on the beacons.

The reason that the ep (as it stands) feels a bit unlikely to me isn't that there is this unknown race out there somewhere. It's that this first contact / strength test battle takes place at Babylon 5 and not somewhere less central to the known powers.

The only resistance free approach angle that I can think of would through what had been Vorlon space. I still see a problem with that option as well. If they had been a neighbor on the opposite side of the Vorlon Empire, then I would expect them to have had basically the same experiance with probing in that direction that Humans had ..... all exploratory ships disappear with all hands. For them to already be coming out the other side of the Vorlon Empire toward B5 so soon after the Vorlons had left would seem to imply that they had continued to probe in that direction regularly in spite of those losses. However, if *that* was how they operated, then you wouldn't expect them to disappear and never be heard from again just because they lost one battle with the White Star fleet at Babylon 5.
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