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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

This episode is just PACKED with fabness.

The "purple" line..
G'Kar switching the fruits.
The fabulous first Na'Toth (who I really missed when she was replaced).
G'Kar's character expanded upon, his SCREAM.. rather amusing considering how does not scream for much much worse things later on.

The first time I saw it I thought the ending quite wanky but watching it now through the eyes of a Bab 5 convert I thought it kind of moving.. though even the child that was watching it with me asked, "why did he say Aborigine, Aborigine isn't a religion.."

And here's my question having read only half this thread.. this ceremony with the red berries can be a marriage ceremony in certain instances. Delenn seems oddly.. in some kind of St. Teresa like ecstasy as she eats the berry and looks at Sinclair. Is this because she knows who he is? A kind of Bride of Valen moment?
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