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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

I really enjoyed rewatching this episode! That is due mostly to the excellent character development - not just G'Kar (who is wonderful all the way - a bit over the top, but I take it to be played tongue-in-cheek), but also the introduction of Lennier and Na'Toth, both wonderfully played by their respective actors.

JMS mentions his propensity for strong female roles, and Na'Toth is a perfect example. Her instant rapport with G'Kar and the fact that he trusts her when he would have reason not to do so is well written and acted.

Unlike some of the previous posters, I like the way the Sakai/Sinclair relationship is handled. Yes, the beginning is awkward, but entirely understandable for two people who have been so close and are trying to make themselves believe that they can stay out of trouble by attempting to keep each other at arm's length. There's a magnetism there - pushing each other away while simultaneously being pulled together.

What appeals to me most in this episode are the wonderful dialogues. The funny ones stick longest: Sakai's "your pants are talking to you", Na'Toth's not speculating how *anything* gets into G'Kar's bed, Lennier's "understanding is not required", and of course "Have a pleasant flight" at the end! All that and music too - G'Kar's sung ditty is priceless!

This episode has top entertainment value and is one I'll certainly come back to even when I watch selectively, picking out the ones I enjoy most.
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