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Re: EpDis: Signs And Portents

The outline says the the Warrior Caste was responsible for the station's destruction. But also the outline states that all the races were after them, so perhaps they had all come to Babylon 5 to destroy it. The Narns end up being one of the few allies.

Originally Posted by Series Brief/season five
the return of G'Kar, who reveals Londo's complicity and the Shadowmen intervention
the Minbari military caste...stage a coup and take control from the Grey Council.
Londo assumes control of Babylon 5's sector of space in the name of the Centauri Republic.
a Vorlon destroyed by the Shadowmen with Londo's help...Earth is blamed.
Season Five ends with an assault on, and the destruction of Babylon 5 by the Minbari.
[Sinclair and Delenn] are now wanted by everyone in the galaxy, it would seem; by the ruling Minbari warrior some extent by Londo and the Centauri...and by the Vorlons...
Originally Posted by Series Brief/Babylon Prime
Sinclair, Delenn, their infant, Garibaldi, and a Narn...make their way to a meeting with the Grey Council.

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