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Re: EpDis: The Face Of The Enemy

Another good one with a lot going on ...

There's the fight for Earth continuing on with some cool-looking space battle stuff. It's interesting that some in command of the Earth ships really believe that they will be executed if they surrender. I'm assuming they must have seen some rather convincing evidence of that.

I like the tense scenes on Mars with the frozen telepaths and the resistance. Number 1 is quite harsh with Lyta, but I'd be pretty annoyed too, if I were in her position. This still builds up the telepath story we don't yet know about.

Sheridan being captured is pretty hard to watch. I really like the visual style of that bit, and the music that is playing in the bar. It works well.

Edgars reveals his evil plan, and that is the catalyst for the big Garibaldi reveal we had to wait for all season. It's a relief to have that all out there, and to have Garibaldi back to normal, although I suppose we don't know where that's going to go. Interestingly, aside from his transmitter tooth, Garibaldi seems to have some very 20th-century-looking fillings, which we get to see when he screams after Bester "releases" him.

I can't really feel too bad about Edgars' and Wade's untimely ends ...
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