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Re: EpDis: The Face Of The Enemy

Originally Posted by Estelyn View Post
Garibaldi feels his own actions as a betrayal, with his comment about the thirty pieces of silver - a reference to Judas Iscariot, the disciple who betrayed Jesus. How will he feel about himself now that he realizes he's been used?
I'm sure you're asking that rhetorically, but two words: he'll drink.

The bar scene has some nice effects, both visually (like a strobe light) and the sound effects. The violence used is disturbing, especially in contrast with the lying news being sent by ISN. I wonder - how did Delenn feel that something was happening so far away?
Stylistically this is one of the best scenes in B5--albeit also one of the most devastating to a beloved character, up there with the death of Kosh, the torturing of G'Kar, or the "Keepering" of Londo.

The flashback given by Bester finally clears up the mystery of what happened to Garibaldi. I find it interesting to see Harlan Ellison as a PsiCop in that scene!
I sometimes wonder if Bester told Garibaldi what he did, right after he fulfilled his objective with Edgars, in some hope that he may actually try to rescue Sheridan. At that point, Bester had good reason to distrust, if not outright oppose, the Clark regime (for what it, at the Shadows' behest, had done with many of Earth's telepaths). Remember he had already worked with Sheridan in an action to undermine the regime (informing him of that planned false-flag attack on civilian ships so he could foil it), in exchange for recovering those teep-CPUs being shipped to Z'ha'dum. There would be no guarantee that Garibaldi could rescue Sheridan, but he might have not cared too much but was willing to give him the chance. I don't think Bester ever forgave Clark for how he used and disposed of his beloved telepaths, and he no longer saw the regime as favorable to his overriding goal to advance the human telepaths (with himself leading them). He might have seen Sheridan as a useful counterforce to Clark--and probably didn't anticipate that Garibaldi's key to the inside of Edgars' organization would be betrayal of Sheridan, at any rate.

Or, he told Garibaldi as soon as he could, just to taunt him. Maybe for both reasons though.

Edit: Seems I somewhat confused "Ship of Tears" for "Epiphanies"--the latter had Bester informing of the planned false-flag, in exchange for a trip to Z'ha'dum to try to recover Shadow tech that could help free the teeps in deep-freeze on B5. But the point stands--Bester was no friend of Clark at that point, and might have seen Sheridan as a useful counterforce to him.

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