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Re: Audio levels

Yea, b5 is worth revisiting I haven't seen it in years. I don't have it in DVD form. And, at the risk of making some enemies, I honestly think that the writing has gotten a lot better on television in the last 10 years or so. FAR better in the last 20. And I think JMS had a part in that. He seriously rose the bar, as they say, in American television. BBC shows frequently used story arcs but american television virtually never did. Especially in science fiction.

But, darn it. Mr Robot, Orphan Black, Dr. Who and other BBCA productions, The Black Mirror, Game of Thrones... and I haven't even started on the Discovery/Science channel gems like "Through the Wormhole", "What on Earth" and "NASA's unexplained files" and all of their Universe and space shows.... I don't have enough time to type everything I'm watching already. And I"m trying to be less of a t.v. junkie so the DVR has maybe 30% space left.
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