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Re: Theory on "In the Beginning"

General critique: You keep taking everything the characters say as literal truth. Why? People lie to others and themselves all the time. What a character believes to be the case from his own point of view, or to be essentially true, is not always the literal truth.

- In his tale the Rangers have existed continuously, despite Naroon having made clear in Season 3 when Delenn took command that the Religious Caste recomissioned them after centuries & it had always been the Warrior Caste who oversaw them in the past.

A perfect example. This is Neroon's version of history. In fact, the Rangers have existed continuously for over 1,000 years, they were founded and commanded by Valen, who was not of the Warrior Caste, and they only later came to be dominated by the Warriors (who also forbade the Workers from serving.) The Warriors eventually withdrew from the Rangers, which in their eyes effectively put them out of business. But the organization continued to function with little funding or attention until it was revived (with Religious, Worker and Human members) under Sinclair. (To Dream in the City of Sorrows)

- Satai Hadronn of the Religious Caste has become Satai Coplann of the Warrior Caste. (faulty Centauri intel, or the Emperor getting details confused)

Minbari can't have twins? (Jeez, JMS reused an actor. He likes to do that, you know. ) Next you'll be complaining about "Mr. Morden" being aboard B5 in 2257.

- There is no way that Sheridan, Franklin & G'Kar had met before (its explicit at the beginning of Season 2... the same episode where we meet Satai Hadronn of the Religious Caste.... that Sheridan is new to Franklin). That event may have occured with G'Kar and 2 humans; or Franklin another human & a Narn; but there is no way it was the 3 of them.

We never see Franklin's first meeting with Sheridan in season two, and I don't think we see G'Kar's. By the time Ivanova is talking to Franklin in "Earhart's", Franklin has already met the new captain and Ivanova is asking what he thinks. Is Franklin supposed to say, "Gee, he hasn't changed a bit since he and I went on a highly-classified mission twelve years ago. What mission? Sorry, still can't talk about that."?

Except in private, and maybe not even then, none of the three would have reason to discuss that event, which is almost certainly still considered a secret by the Human, Narn, and Minbari governments. (I doubt the Centauri government ever knew about it. See below.) It would not be in anybody's interest to reveal that there was a failed peace mission that might have saved hundreds of thousands of live but that it was derailed (as they probably still believe) by fanatics on one side or the other. Besides, they served on one covert mission that spanned a couple of days a dozen years before. They'd probably remember the mission, pretty clearly, but they might barely remember one other at all.

- Gonya having served under Sheridan would have come up considering how close he & Cmd. Ivanovah were

Why? Sheridan and Ivanova served together at the transfer point off Io long enough to become very close friends years before either came to B5. Whatever memories of Ganya they had to share would have been shared then. Also it isn't like we've seen every moment of interaction between Sheridan and Ivanova during the the three years they spent on B5. Maybe every year they got together on Ganya's birthday or the anniversary of his death and toasted his memory. Just because JMS never got around to telling that story doesn't mean it didn't happen or make this a "mistake".

- Mollari had been a weak joke in the Royal Court. There was no way he could have ordered a strike like that. The strike could have happened & he could have been in on it; but I think he was assuming more responsibility than he was due out of a general guilt complex relating to his... other deeds.

Actually there is no indication that Mollari accompanied the ships. The Royal Court may have considered him a joke, but his family was still wealthy and influential, certainly among the lesser nobility and the ordinary people. He could not have exercised military authority, but there's no reason he couldn't have persuaded some relative who thought the Centauri could win advantage by distrupting a Narn-Human arms deal to send a few ships "off the books" on an unofficial and completely covert mission.

Most glaring of all... Emperor Mollari II states he cared for all four of his wives... this more than anything else is the most blatant signal to the fans to take everything he says with a grain of salt.

As JMS himself has said, that's how Londo prefers to remember his feelings near the end of his life. Who are we to contradict him? Certainly he was fond of Mariel and came to be very fond of Timov before the end (cf. the Centauri Trilogy.) Hardly the "signal" you imagine.


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