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Re: Theory on "In the Beginning"

Well, Londo did have four wives, but his first wife was a dancer he married when he was young, and his family made him divorce her. JMS says that Adira reminds Londo a lot of that first girl.

Sheridan and Ivanova were indeed close, so it did come up. But not on screen. Because there was no real reason for it to come up during the show; heck, they may have talked about it together on Io before we met either one of them.

Also, -- mild SPOILERS for the Centauri Prime trilogy -- when Londo has Sheridan and Delenn imprisoned on Centauri Prime, he talks to Delenn about it, so when he recounts the story to the Centauri kids, that part at least was fresh in his mind.

Clever idea, but I think most of the flaws you pointed out are JMS's "mistakes."
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