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Re: Streaming B5 - Legally - USA

Originally Posted by Looney View Post
And here is a link to the petition that has already started about those comments.

If JMS' statements are inaccurate I think it is still a good idea to sign the petition just to get the numbers up. It is always good to remind WB that there are Babylon 5 fans out there. I even "Chip"ped in a little money so it gets shared more on Change.Org. Even if the petition is really for something that doesn't exist it is a petition with B5's name on it that might get seen by someone at WB to remind them we're out here.
I just posted this reply to you over at gateworld but yup 100% agree with you Looney & yup I already voted yester. Little bit to much pessimism & negativity in that jmsnews thread for my liking.
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