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Re: LotR (not the one :P )

Originally Posted by KoshFan View Post
For me, having read the books many times at many points in my life, the real grandeur of the writing is in the level of investment Tolkien put in -- mapping out the position of at least four different groups of viewpoint characters not only on a X/Y plane but also in time.
Not only positions, mind you. He bothered to build an almost usable Elvish language (and broad swathes of history to accompany it)... just to support the books, and then used only tiny bits. Must have been quite a pass-time. I guess he needed a distraction and found a good one in this form.

As for the matter of how characters face overwhelming odds of failure and still continue... and what motivates them to continue... yes, I neglected it, it's a theme which pops up often in these stories.

Also, the inability of great lords (no matter whether fiery and dark or meek and medium-roasted) to retire, seems borrowed straight out of real life. Ability to figure out the time to quit... is something which seems to abandon people when power accompanies them.

B5 is definitely not LotR, but it probably helped JMS to have people think so, since it makes the Vorlons' true colors all the more nasty a surprise.
Well, Tolkien pulled a similar one with Saruman...

...and ironically, in Saruman's persistence of attempting to rule, to rule the Shire of all things after failure of building an empire... it has mirrors in B5 but it's also a repeating pattern in history. It is often easier to regroup and battle on (sometimes for no reason, sometimes for a lost cause, sometimes for a cause that never was justified)... than to rethink and find reasons to transform...

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