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Re: Babylon 5 Civlization IV Space Mod

Yeah it's ridiculous. People ave been telling me to jump ship to imgur for years as photobucket is slow, rams popup adds down your throat and now they've dropped external image use so its safe to say they're a sinking ship and their attempts to save themselves are only making things worse. Was annoying as I had to copy all my images to imgur and then go back through 8 years of forum posts to fix all my links lol. And some forums like this one don't allow long term editing so there was nothing I could do to fix them.

Oh well I finally finished my game the other day and must say that while the mod may not be perfect it's pretty bloody good. The fact that you can enjoy a Babylon 5 game that doesn't have Babylon 5 in it just shows how large, rich and amazing JMS's B5 universe really is. To be able to play a turn based sandbox galaxy conquest game in the Babylon 5 universe was just a dream come true! I was completely and utterly addicted for like 2 months there lol.

The developer hasn't been getting any help (I have no programming or artist skills so I can't help him either) and it sounds like he's had enough of working on it alone so this may be it for this B5 mod sadly.

The 2 previous videos ended up being quite popular on Youtube so I decided to do a special part 3 bonus episode showing some of the cool end game techs and ships in battle (Omegas, Warlocks, Drakh, Shadows, Whitestars & ISA Victory etc). Gave a few final thoughts on the mod too.

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