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Re: EpDis: Chrysalis

How the heck not, vacantlook? The transformation is one of the most original ideas I've seen on TV. Also, she and John couldn't get together without it. Personally, I find the 1st season Delenn way too aloof and distant and cold, and maybe slighty arrogant. The new Delenn has fire and steel ("BE SOMEWHERE ELSE!"), and it takes being cut off from her own people to bring that out. Anyway great ep, Jeff's proposal is classic, and after about 20 runs I STILL wince when Micheal gets shot. Oh, and the build up to the explosion and the moment itself still makes me go cold with apprehension then get that "Oh my..." feeling, like a punch the stomach. First-time viewers used to usual TV rules are secure in the knowledge that "the day will be saved" and then... BOOM! Pure brilliance.
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