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Re: Is it time to give season 5 another chance?

Originally Posted by Springer View Post
I haven’t spoken about the hole left by Ivanova this season yet. I’m not going to compare Lochley to Ivanova or expect Lochley to act like Ivanova – they are two different characters – but there is an energy and a irreverence and a charm missing to the show that Ivanova brought that the other command staff characters lack and it did feel missing in this episode, what with grumpy, suspicious Garibaldi, Bester the villain, Byron the weeping willow, and Lochley’s rigidity.
Yeah I would agree with that, I think watching season 5 does rather bring out that Ivanova added alot of personality to the human side of the story, Londo and G'kar have that energy and irreverence to them but I think Ivanova really helps not just to bring it herself but also to in Sheridan, Galabali, Franklin, etc. Without her the human side of the story loses alot of this for me with the characters involved becoming less likable as a result, especially Sheridan.

I do agree with you though that Lochleys section of Day of the Dead is the most effective and one of the best things in the season. Again for me the problem is because the character is having to be dropped in she doesn't really get enough of this kind of buildup and have to fall back onto competence.
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