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Re: What are you watching now?

Originally Posted by GKarsEye View Post
I disagree that the boxing in the original Rocky was bad. The opening seen in the chapel was especially accurate, and Stallone did a fine job of learning the sport enough to portray it in the film. I'm a fan of the sport and train in it (though at a very beginning, amateur level).
I train in the sport now, have for close to four years. I've competed in amateur boxing and professional kickboxing, and the boxing in Rocky is ridiculously bad. It's all haymakers and direct shots to the face with no one ever covering up or bother to actually use head or foot movement. What Rocky shows is street fighting, and while it does work to heighten the drama and tension, it doesn't work in a technical sense. I know if I ever boxed like they do in Rocky I'd be yelled at for days by every one of my trainers and probably my opponents trainers as well.
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