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Re: EpDis: The Legend of the Rangers

Originally Posted by GaribaldisHair View Post
Looked at as a piece of standalone TVSF LotR was actually pretty good. Looked at as a part of B5 I was disappointed. I thought it had some good ideas (and some bad ones, whether forced on the production team or otherwise) but just failed to gel them together into anything resembling the sort of quality we had from 5 years of the original show.

That said, I do pull it out occasionally, watch and (as long as I disengage my B5 level expectations) enjoy it.

Overall, an everage from me.
I haven't quite gotten to that episode yet...even though I've seen all 5 seasons with the movies twice already my best friend bought me the Legends of the Rangers for last Christmas so I'm going to hold off watching it until I complete watching the series on my own again..(on my own I just have to watch The Fall of Night in 2nd season then season 3) of course I will be watching all the shows again with my wife and best friend. I want to keep the lineage that's why I'm holding off.
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