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Re: EpDis: A Distant Star

I checked the Lurker's guide on this matter to see what JMS had to say about the naming of the Cortez ..

If Cortez had NOT landed in northern Mexico, do you think it would have remained undiscovered until now?

Fact #1: somebody was bound to discover the Americas.

Fact #2: any sufficiently advanced civilization or culture will inevitably attempt to exploit any civilization or culture not sufficiently advanced to fight back on a level playing field.

Blaming explorers for exploring has always seemed to me really kind of silly; do people *really* think that if Columbus hadn't landed here, it'd be 1994 and we still wouldn't know the world was round and that this continent was here? It doesn't matter who discovered it, the same result would've come. Somebody had to discover it sooner or later.
I hope his knowledge on the actions Cortez was *personally* responsible for is limited. Otherwise, for once in my life, I really don't get where JMS is coming from. By that logic, I can't hate Hitler either, because .. sooner or later, some German would have wanted to "explore" Poland, France and Russia.
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