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Re: EpDis: A Day In The Strife

(and there's no telling whether there would be enough ships around to take everybody withing the 24 hour window)
Actually my guess would that;

A) There are almost certainly *not* enough ships handy.


B) Even if there were enough ships, they almost certainly would not be able push enough people through their embarcation gates quickly enough (by the time you allow for ships getting in and out of the docking bays and such). They just aren't set up for anything remotely approaching that kind of volume.

Basically, you would end up with an uncontrolable riot / cage match among the virtually the entire population of the station to get through the gates and onto whatever ships were available.

Escape pods wouldn't help unless there were sufficient ships waiting outside to get them all picked up in time to still be able to get out of range (or around to the shosowed side of the planet, relative to the blast).
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