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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Originally Posted by JoeD80 View Post
I don't think you actually know what evidence you are asking for. You've made a conclusion first and won't accept any answers that don't fit your preconception.
Not really, I'm saying your reason has zero evidence and as usual you act like you know everything. Everyone except WB is guessing as to why they stopped being interested in merchandising. Your guess at WB infighting being the reason may be true but don't pretend you know the reason or that there aren't any other possibilities.

I've asked for evidence that the long running WB infighting would suddenly cause issues that didn't exist before JMS:

1) caused the RPG license to disappear (because he wouldn't endorse shoddy writing)
2) told WB he had no interest in any more low budget direct to DVD or TV material
3) announced that he planned to make a film under his control

All three of which are within his rights and make sense, but do you honestly believe these things have no impact on WB's feelings towards the property? WB obviously wants low risk/high reward and don't care about the quality of B5 products.

And Joe, why wasn't WB infighting an issue for other products that did get licensed after PTEN was dissolved?

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