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Re: Has There Been Any News Re. The New B5 ~2016+~ Theatrical Movie?

Originally Posted by JonFrain View Post

That doesn't explain why they had no issue making Crusade, LOTR or the Lost Tales as well as licensing an RPG, miniatures, ...

There's nothing that explains why those things occurred but something like Big Finish can't. I think the most logical answer is that it's not worth the trouble to WB as if they don't include JMS it won't succeed. And if they include him, things run less smoothly from their side of things. They just want to make money and not spend any more time/money than the bare minimum.
I was just responding to your request for evidence that B5 was stuck in the middle of conflicts between PTEN and Warners and that this has affected why the show seems to have disappeared from the ether as far as Warners are concerned.

Crusade had TNT financing it, and LOTR was Sci-Fi channel, so there Warners was not directly involved. I guess at the time they were made it was somehow in Warners interest monetarily to allow them to make those shows. Lost Tales seemed to be a rare instance of WB supporting the show.

I know that while the show was in production JMS had final say on merchandise, I don't know if that's the case now but I agree that any creative fiction merchandise - RPGs, novels, comics, computer games, audio dramas would be unlikely to succeed without JMS' involvement and that probably comes at a price, but to the degree that it becomes too expensive? I'm sure JMS wouldn't stand in the way of a good B5 comic book series for the sake of increasing his bank balance. And it doesn't explain the lack of merchandise like models of the station, action figures, etc that wouldn't require JMS direct involvement. So that's why for me I can't figure out whether licensees just aren't interested in the show, or whether Warners are making the licence too expensive or flat out aren't interested, and that statement from JMS that I linked to suggests its Warners.
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