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Re: WB considering HD update

Interesting article here about the new remastering:

Some interesting comments in the article. Apparently it took 6 years to do all the remastering (and they still managed to mess up a couple of episodes! Can anyone confirm if they've been fixed for HBO Max?) and was a "labour of love" for all involved (hard to believe Warners would do anything out of love for B5!).

WB also "declined to comment" about a blu-ray release, though the article concludes that one is unlikely since it's going on HBO Max. That might explain why the rumoured blu-ray release has been associated with Warners UK – we don't have HBO Max over here. Though with less than 2 months before it's meant to be released according to that leaked info from the Danish website, we don't even have official pre-orders yet so I'm getting a little worried on that front!

Still, I'd be amazed if a blu-ray doesn't come out eventually - WB are going to want to maximise their profits as much as they can, especially if they really spent so much effort doing the remasters, and I imagine the audience for B5 is going to be mostly over-40s, who I imagine don't stream as much product as younger viewers do.
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