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Re: How would you reboot B5?

Originally Posted by hypatia View Post
A reboot without B4 going back in time and Sinclair's whole fate would seem weird to me, in the extreme. That was the best moment in science fiction television, for me. It was so perfect, I had no idea for years that it wasn't the original story plan.

Sinclair could have done some of the Marcus stuff.

I really can't say what I'd love to see in a remake, other than having more science fiction that isn't almost a cardboard cut out of the last one. Entertainment has gotten into a rut. I watch more sic fi on BBCA than anywhere else, these days.
Like many stories I would have loved to see things have played out over more time. I know Sinclair was on Minbar for over a year, but I would have liked to see that stretched out longer to give more substance to the Rangers devotion to him. And I agree with hypatia on B4. I HATE time travel in Science Fiction, but to date that is still the best use of time travel I've ever seen - and I've see A LOT because it seems like 95% of Science Fiction seems to want to throw time travel in at some point.
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