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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

I'm quite fond of Sinclair as well. I always wish I could have seen more of him. He isn't a super charismatic leader or a great orator. He's just this sort of quiet, private guy who likes to spend his downtime alone his quarters with a drink and some poetry. He's not the kind of guy who'd vie for a spot on the shortlist for possible Babylon 5 commanding officers. He probably had to sit and think on that job offer for a while. If it hadn't been his starfury the Minbari had pulled in at the Line, he'd probably have lived a more quiet life out of the public eye. Well, actually he'd be dead, but let's say he survived the Line

Sheridan, on the other hand IS a charismatic leader and an orator. He's this hotshot EarthForce posterboy, kinda.

I like an introverted character. That is to say, I like to see some diversity in characters, and on Babylon each character has their own distinct personality, which is nice.

I was sad when Sinclair suddenly disappeared after Season 1, but I obviously also like the Sheridan character. My mom was quite upset, too, when I set her up with Season 2 VHS tapes. I think she called me to complain
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