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Re: EpDis: The Parliament Of Dreams

Originally Posted by Wulf View Post
I've said in the other threads that I focus mainly on the negative stuff because it's easier to talk about than what I like. If something works for me I just kind of accept it, but if something stands out as odd then I comment on it.
We've all watched these episodes so many times that it becomes hard to find new things to say about them that are good, so it's only natural that we start to pick out details that don't quite work for us on the umpteenth viewing. I'm the same, but I try to ignore those faults so that I can keep enjoying the series. Otherwise I'd just start to get annoyed with it! I imagine most TV doesn't hold up to the kind of scrutiny we have given B5 over twenty years, so it's probably faring quite well.

I do really enjoy these discussions though, going into all the minutiae of the episodes. If there is a facet of an episode we don't like, it's often fascinating (to me anyway) finding out why that episode was the way it is: was it a choice of director or JMS, a budget problem, the limitation of a 40-minute TV show, a result of the era in which it was made or just a plain old mistake?

It also seems I'm quite rare in that I actually quite enjoy season 1 and really liked Sinclair. In some ways he's more relatable to me than Sheridan is, who is more of your typical TV hero. So I tend to give season 1 an easier ride than many people!
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