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Re: EpDis: Day Of The Dead

I'm with you in not picking up any real disappointment from Lennier about Sheridans return, the main pointer before season 5 is his conversation from Marcus back in season 3.

Again I feel a better way to take Lenniers story might have been to prey of his naivety. Not in practical terms of course as he was obviously very competent there but as I said I think morality he tended to have more of a black and white view. Where as a lot of the characters have to learn to live with either mistakes and make judgements for the greater good that result in the deaths of others he doesn't really. His view of his relationship with Delenn seems to follow this as well.

For someone like that it wouldn't take something as extreme as effectively trying to kill a rival for Delenns affection to cause him to make a negative judgement on himself. Morden could have built up to that nicely IMHO looking to justify his actions as being for what he saw as the greater good and questioning Lenniers world view.
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